I was hissed at earlier on Facebook. No, it wasn’t a high school “friend” who disagrees with me politically. It wasn’t someone random commenting on one of my business pages who thinks I charge “too much”. It wasn’t even an acquaintance trying to be “funny” on a post that was supposed to be sentimental. I have scratches on my arms and bite marks on my hands because Facebook is being nasty. Yet, I still go back for more. Maybe if you pet her, she will be nice to you?
No way. Not even close.
Stop being nice to Facebook.
That catty behavior? It’s inevitable. Cats either like you or they don’t. Facebook’s cattiness is no exception. Stop trying to pet her.
“But what about my Facebook page? What do I do; stop posting?”
Just quit doing what you always do. Quit getting scratched.
How to handle Facebook hissing at you:
Ignore Her:
What happens when you meet a cat for the first time? He or she usually ignores you. And how does that make you feel? As pet sitters, we like interacting with clients’ pets. If a cat hides, what do we do? Check on Fluffy. Usually spending time sitting on the couch will help the kitty come to you. Sometimes taking a step back from Facebook and its constant changes is what a business needs to do in order to reclaim its social media sanity.
Feed Her:
Feeding into Facebook’s catty behavior is like sticking your head under the bed trying for hours to coax Kitty Cat to like you. It’s not going to happen. You need to start feeding her. You feed her everyday, and pay attention to specific client instructions. Facebook is like your client. Specific instructions and daily feeding of information will help with your social media presence.
Understand Her:
When marketing your pet sitting business on Facebook, you have to understand how moody she can be! If you don’t pet her when she wants to, and don’t leave her alone when she wants privacy, expect a hiss. Maybe a scratch. Probably a bite. If you don’t understand Facebook’s latest changes to pages, you won’t be able to pet her without getting a hiss.
Do you have a video on your page? Do you post regularly (at least 5 times a week)? Are you posting content that matters to fans or just doing what you feel like doing? Facebook is cat; she likes what she likes when she likes it.
So, how do you handle this fickle feline?
Get to know her. Don’t rush things. Come to an understanding of what she likes. That catty reception you received last week? I think I hear a purr.

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