SEO For Pet Professionals: How To Train Google To Sit

“You need to have a strong Google presence”.
“Being on the first page of search results will bring you more business”.
“SEO is everything.”
You have probably heard some form of the above “SEO” talk. Wait, what IS S-E-O? How do I use SEO for my website?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
Google, for example is a search engine. When you type anything into Google, it spits out results. Go ahead and do a Google search for anything you are interested in and see the results. The top pages (and sites on the first page) have been optimized. This means they have original content that Google LOVES. When searched, the site is found easily because of the optimization the business owner or website developer has achieved.
So, how the heck do I get MY site on the first page and in the first 2-3 listings in the results?
When you bring home a new puppy, the dog needs training. After weeks of potty training, leash training, and manners training, you are seeing results with your dog. He or she has mastered the main commands of “sit,” “stay,” and, “lay down”. Maybe you have even taught your dog to bark or ring a bell at the back door when he needs to “go”.
You can apply the same training to Google, and she’s a BIG dog.
Big dogs are great; we all know that. Think of Google as a lovable lab. You give her attention, treats, and training, and she is your best friend for life. Training her took a few weeks, and you are still learning a few cues to manage her behavior. Actually, you are constantly having to keep up with her training. Sometimes, she just won’t listen!
As she grows up, you remember the times she misbehaved and how much easier it now is to correct her when she barks too much at the doorbell, jumps on a guest, or ignores you when you call her inside from her latest squirrel chase. Ah, memories.
You have to train Google. And what does any dog trainer tell his or her clients? Be consistent.
Here are 2 ways to train Google to love your pet business website:

1. Create consistent, original content (through blogging or videos).
2. Use a WordPress site.
If you are just starting out as a pet sitting pro, don’t worry if you don’t have a WordPress site or even content. That’s what we are here for; to help you train Google.